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Close The Gap

Between what you value and what you do.

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Everything You Want Out of Life Happens When...

You align your core values, personal goals, and daily schedule with what you truly care about.

Our tool can help you align your life with the things you care most about.

Because we combine the best of every tool into one tool to rule them all.

Simplify. Organize. Realize.

One Calendar to Rule Them All

Combine all of your task lists & calendars in one place (Google, iCloud & Exchange).

Record at the Speed of Thought

Voice a reminder or schedule an appointment with your device.

The Choice List

Everything you want to remember or do in one place. More powerful than a todo list and simple enough you won't forget.

The Clarity of Colors

Values, Goals, Events and Tasks can be tagged with a value color.

Learn How The Tool Works

Close The Gap With Experts.

Expert Programs

If you don’t know how to accomplish a goal, Experts can provide step-by-step instruction on what to do and how to do it, all within the mycore calendar & task lists.

Both plans have a free 30 day trial. No billing information will be collected until you decide you want to continue using mycore beyond the free 30 days.


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